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Company Posts Your Position after Termination

What do you do when you have been terminated by your company and soon after the company posts your position or a similar position? It doesn’t seem quite fair as this reader states his situation: My employer presented me a notice of termination 2 months ago. It was stated there that since the company has […]

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Are You about to be Fired?

I received a letter from someone who is about to be fired and is thinking ahead, most of the time people are scrambling after the fact. Sometimes you see the signs in your organization or from your boss that you are about to be fired is about to happen, what do you do? Here’s her […]

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Lose the Career Objective Statement on Your Resume

It is passé. Bottom line: having a career objective statement on your resume does not tell the interviewer anything about what you can do for the company. A career objective statement is all about you and the company wants to know what you can do for them NOW. It may sound cold, but the fact […]

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Absolutely Abby in Rochester NY

Absolutely Abby Coming Back to Rochester, NY

This will be the third time that Absolutely Abby will be speaking to job seekers in Rochester NY. People love her, love her advice and no-nonsense way of telling it like it is when it comes to conducting an effective job search. Besides doing her talks, she is holding a contest and there will be […]


Three Job Hunting Strategies to Landing a Job

The process of landing a job is not something that everyone does every day…that is unless you have been out of work for a while. Let’s say you just graduated from college or perhaps you have gotten laid off from your employer and have not been in the job market for eons. There are three […]

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How to Leave a Toxic Work Environment

This letter came from a reader who is experiencing a toxic work environment. Here’s her story: I am looking to get advice on my current work situation. I have been very sick due to my work place environment. I took a STD (short-term disability) for 4 months. I went back, but to the same thing […]