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The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding

How to Make a Good First Impression at Work

Making a good first impression with your new employer is important. It can be the difference between being successful and losing your job. You’ve landed a job – it may be your first job or it may be a new one. Either way, how you come into an organization and your first impression may signal […]

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Assortment of American Coins

Why Spending Money May Get You a Job Faster

If you have lost your job, perhaps you are pinching pennies to save money for rent, your mortgage, a car payment or to put food on the table. The thought of spending money is something everyone is telling you not to do. Whenever anyone approaches you about spending money on your job hunt activities – […]

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Probe Three Areas to Accelerate Professional Development

Let’s be clear – you are in charge of your own personal development. Your organization may have systems or processes in place; however maximizing their effectiveness requires work by your manager, HR and yourself. The only cog in that wheel you have control over is yourself. That being said, here are some areas to probe […]

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Assortment of American Coins

Three Compensation Questions for HR

It’s not that the HR Department is trying to keep secrets from you. They are busy hiring people, solving employee-management problems and managing all the systems to keep people employed – just to name a few things. Buried underneath all that work, there is information that may be valuable to you – if you know […]


Not Getting Interviews from Your Resume or Job Applications?

Does this sound like you? You’ve been putting in job applications for many jobs. You have lots of skills, the right education and a great track record of employment. It’s been awhile since you had to look for a job and you can’t quite figure out why companies are not calling you in for interviews. […]

How to Actively Generate Networking Leads      

One of the hardest parts of a job search or working in your own business is how to actively generate networking leads that turn into real work opportunities. It is a task that people do not like to do and yet, your success is tied to doing it successfully. I wish I could tell you […]