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Being Out of Work

This week, I received a letter from an Elephants at Work reader. I wanted to share their story because being out of work affects the family not just the person who is out of work. At the end of this post, I suggest some helpful tips. My husband has been out of work for 2 years. […]

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Setting Boundaries at Work with Your Boss         

How important is it to set boundaries at work with your boss? Do feel like you are being taken advantage of instead of feeling appreciated? Think about if any of these situations sound familiar: Your personal and work cell phones are intertwined. It is difficult to ignore messages you receive after work hours. You find […]

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Employee Coaching Forms are NOT Disciplinary Action Forms

We are in real trouble if we blur the line of what coaching is and what it is not when talking about discipline. Last week someone shared with me that they might be receiving a report of employee coaching form. “What’s a report of coaching form?” I asked. I had never heard of one before […]

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Informational Interviews as a Job-hunting Strategy

A secret weapon for any job-hunter or job explorer is the informational interview. It is different from a job interview. Informational interviews can be very effective – with a caveat I learned last week. First, let’s explore what an informational interview is and what it is not. Informational interviews are opportunities: To learn from someone […]


What Getting Defensive Means

The other day I was having lunch with a friend who is looking for a job and as I said something she started getting defensive. To be honest, it took me by surprise. I did not back down about what I was saying. I told her – “This is what I see, this is the […]


Is it Time to Leave Your Job?

While traveling from Charlotte NC to Rochester NY, I met a woman in the seat next to me and we talked about her career. It turns out she has been working for the same organization for 35 years, most of that in the same job. She has six more years until she wants to retire. […]