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Assortment of American Coins

Three Compensation Questions for HR

It’s not that the HR Department is trying to keep secrets from you. They are busy hiring people, solving employee-management problems and managing all the systems to keep people employed – just to name a few things. Buried underneath all that work, there is information that may be valuable to you – if you know […]

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Not Getting Interviews from Your Resume or Job Applications?

Does this sound like you? You’ve been putting in job applications for many jobs. You have lots of skills, the right education and a great track record of employment. It’s been awhile since you had to look for a job and you can’t quite figure out why companies are not calling you in for interviews. […]

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How to Actively Generate Networking Leads      

One of the hardest parts of a job search or working in your own business is how to actively generate networking leads that turn into real work opportunities. It is a task that people do not like to do and yet, your success is tied to doing it successfully. I wish I could tell you […]

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How to Infuse Success into Succession Planning

Succession planning is a strategic people objective in many organizations. It is the cornerstone of having the right people in the right jobs for the organization to meet its short and long-term goals. Many organizations struggle with acquiring the right business, technical and leadership skills to drive performance and cultural results. The right complement of […]


Returning Company Property After Being Fired

Hello Lynn, Myself and other former employees are hoping to commence a class action wrongful dismissal suit against our former employer. One of the former employees still has the company laptop, but he never signed anything, nothing in the contract making any reference to company property. I am not suggesting that he should keep it, but […]


Think Beyond Networking

You’ve heard it before; you need to be out networking. Perhaps you are scared or dislike doing it. Everyone is telling you to do it but for some reason you just can’t seem to get yourself out of the house to meet with people. Consider this – what does networking mean to you? Does it […]