26 Mind Mapping Tools to Get More Productive

Last year, I attended a mind mapping seminar. If you do not know what a mind map is, go here for a quick summary or scroll down to the bottom of the post for a video.

Mind mapping is a powerful tool, which appeals to both right and left-brain thinkers. It is allows you to become more productive in your business and personal life.  Here is a short list of situations where you might use it:

  • Creating content for presentations
  • Problem solving
  • Designing a website
  • Developing a business plan
  • Project planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Information management
  • Prioritization
  • Personal development
  • Be more creative
  • Organizing information
  • Communicate effectively

There is an overwhelming number of products out there which do some form of mind mapping, diagramming or other visual thinking service. It was time to compile a list, partly because I would like to settle in with one of these tools; the other reason is I want to hear what you think about them before I make a decision.

  • Buzan World– Mind map originator Tony Buzan’s website and product site iMindMap®
  • NovaMind – check out some of the educational videos on what mind mapping is about and why you need it. Keep up to date on their blog here.
  • Mindomo – internet and desktop applications with free basic starter and upgrade plans
  • FreeMind – Free mind mapping software written in Java. Download available through this site.
  • MindManager – A Mindjet product free trial or subscription is available. Applications for iPhone, remember to check out their template gallery.
  • Mappio – A free website to share your mind map with others
  • Comapping – Free to low subscription rates for online mind mapping software. Beta desktop version is available.
  • Edraw Soft – Vector based mind mapping freeware
  • Mapul – Free web-based online mind mapping tool
  • MindApp 6 – Free download trial available or take advantage of their special price of $29 for a limited time.
  • Mindmeister – Free to enterprise plans available for online mind mapping. Featured maps.
  • Xmind – Free and pro versions are available. Check out the XMind blog here to get new ideas.
  • SmartDraw – Automatically draws and formats your mind mapping diagram.
  • bubbl.us – Get started immediately when you land on this page – it is free. The video at the bottom of the page features this application.
  • Glinkr – Open source, free web based mind mapping software, supported in Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.
  • Mindview 3 – Professional mind mapping software with a free trial available
  • Mind42 – Free web based application with the ability to collaborate.
  • Visual Mind – Software based on the mind mapping technique.
  • WiseMapping – Free software in beta version.
  • Imagination Cubed – Free, free-form drawing program with limitations in creating mind mapping.
  • Project Draw – Free drawing program with preformed basic shapes.
  • Gliffy – Online diagram software that offers a free trial
  • LooseStitch – Free or pay for pro. Create outlines and share documents.
  • ThinkFold – Real time collaboration with work groups on projects, documents and presentations. Open source, free, beta version.
  • Sproutliner – Free web based service to manage projects and ideas. Open source, beta version.
  • Inspiration 9 – Visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations.

This is a quick video that shows how you can begin to mind map quickly.

Mind Mapping – Part One – Bubbl.us (a)

Now it is your turn. Which mind mapping products have you used? What do you like or dislike?

Author: Lynn Dessert

Lynn Dessert is a certified ICF and NLP Coach specializing in Executive Career coaching in Charlotte NC. She works with individuals to accelerate their career advancement and organizations to fast track leadership skill development. Her career eBooks What To Do After Being Fired and The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding give you a roadmap to DIY. Start your discovery process by contacting her at 704.412.2852 today.

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