Building trust takes time. We have all heard that statement before, if we break it down, what we are really saying is:

    • How is trust built?
    • Can trust be built more quickly?

Building and Time

When we understand how each of these words impact trust, it is possible to develop trust more quickly with someone – whether it is our colleague, boss, customer, friend or family member.

It is rare that someone gives cart blanch trust from the onset.

When we set out to build trust with someone, it is usually through our actions and words. Each event or experience we have with them increases the level of trust. We test to see if someone is authentic before we give someone the key to our wallet, heart or head.

The other factor is time. Let us face it, some people do not give trust to others for a long time. It might be that they are overly suspicious of people because of a past experience of getting hurt.

There are situations where the time frame to be trusted or give trust is compressed. Think about when you gave or received trust quickly – in fact maybe so quickly your head spun. What was it about that situation that just seemed to make it right?

Here is partial list of ways in which trust can be built and timing might be a factor in being successful. If your example or approach is not listed here, share it below so we can all learn from each other.

  1. Listen for understanding first
  2. Build consensus
  3. Alignment of values
  4. Common goals
  5. Similar approach to problems
  6. Keeping someone in the “loop”
  7. Poll your customer for satisfaction
  8. React to someone’s situation quickly
  9. Communicate clearly
  10. Make commitments
  11. Set clear expectations
  12. Follow through on commitments
  13. Cultivate personal relationships
  14. Keep in touch frequently (written, electronic, in-person)
  15. Figure out what is important to the other person
  16. Be responsive
  17. Be real/authentic
  18. Help someone even if you can’t personally do it
  19. Understand the other person’s issues or challenges
  20. Be trustworthy
  21. Set aside ego
  22. Do what is important to the other person rather than what you want to do
  23. Be a resource conduit for others
  24. Be likable
  25. Actively break down barriers to relationships or communication
  26. Ask for help, don’t be a know it all
  27. Walk the walk
  28. Treat people fairly
  29. Fess up when you are wrong
  30. Recognize contributions