istock_000002137707xsmallFor some of you, being thankful is easy because life is going well. For others, being thankful may be a challenge. Perhaps you are facing career or life hic cups. Even if you are in the midst of being unsettled, take a moment and reflect on what you can be thankful for. Here’s a list that may inspire you:

  1. Being loved by your parents
  2. Having your parents around
  3. Celebrating with your family
  4. Finding your soul mate or partner
  5. Being a part of a church or synagogue
  6. Volunteering or giving back to the community
  7. Mentoring someone young
  8. Capturing memories in your mind or with photos
  9. Working in your dream job
  10. Spending time with friends
  11. Loving your pet
  12. Taking a walk and enjoying your surroundings
  13. Living in the area you want to be in
  14. Owning your home
  15. Having your own space
  16. Listening to music
  17. Dancing until your feet drop
  18. Playing your favorite instrument
  19. Preparing your favorite dishes and sharing them others
  20. Listening to someone who wants to be heard
  21. Talking to someone who will listen
  22. Being in love
  23. Sharing your talents
  24. Learning from someone who will share
  25. Opening your heart to someone who is lonely
  26. Being invited in when you are lonely
  27. Asking for help and receiving it
  28. Giving to others who ask for help
  29. Not being judged
  30. Discovering the truth
  31. Nurturing unconditional love
  32. Being vulnerable
  33. Having kids and grandchildren
  34. Being a kid
  35. Having respect
  36. Respecting others
  37. Discovering what you are really good at
  38. Having mobility and transportation
  39. Money in the bank
  40. Knowing yourself
  41. Witnessing someone else’s life
  42. Beating an illness
  43. Sharing your wisdom
  44. Caring emotionally or physically for others
  45. Taking a risk and winning
  46. Learning to not make the same mistakes
  47. Giving a hug
  48. Receiving a hug
  49. Living in a community that helps others
  50. Being thankful you have something to be thankful for