Absolutely Abby is on tour with a goal to help 1 million people in their job search efforts over the next six months. Her third stop was in Rochester, NY this week and she was met with an overwhelming response – we love her!

Abby broke her attendance record (203) on Monday, October 8, 2012 – saying we were her largest group to date and I’m sure that the rest of America will step up when she hits your city! Find out when Absolutely Abby will be in your city here.

In fact, share how many people come to your event…I’d love to chronicle how Absolutely Abby works her way up to 1 million people!

Wave of support for Absolutely Abby

Wave of support for Absolutely Abby


I attended each of her open job search group sessions this week and I’ll be recapping some of the highlights – but don’t think my comments will replace the experience of being in the room and having the opportunity to ask your question to this no-nonsense recruiting expert. If you want to know more about Absolutely Abby – I’ll be doing an interview with her later.

In each of her sessions, there is an overarching theme – that you are the Captain of Your Own Career – a common theme I discuss at Elephants at Work. No company, organization or other person is in charge of your career – you are – and when you take action you can make things happen! Absolutely Abby shows you how.

John Adams with Absolutely Abby


Here’s a recap of her Monday evening session sponsored by the Always Be Connected Power Networking Group (ABCPNG) led by John Adams:

Job Searching 2012 – How to Play and Beat the Odds

One of Abby’s favorite things is to give away secrets. She’s been on the inside of companies and now works as a recruiting consultant. While she is happy to have hired thousands of people, she realizes that many more are turned away and don’t know why. So…here are some of the secrets that companies and recruiters don’t share with you about how to get their attention.

Attitude is one of those secrets

Think about how lucky you are because good things happen to lucky people. The power of positive self-talk can’t be overlooked. Every time you answer the phone, think that you just won the lottery or it’s your favorite person on the other side of the line. First impressions count.

Expand your view of networking

Tell everyone (and Abby means everyone) about your job search efforts. You never know where someone will offer you a lead to your dream job.

LinkedIn is your friend

Use the Advanced Options with Google search to increase your success rate when identifying a hiring manager. That’s right hiring manager – not HR.

Participate in Groups to showcase your expertise by answering questions, not posing them.

Ask for virtual coffee introductions if you are not able to meet in person to increase your network reach. The better you know someone, the better they can help you.

Your profile has to be public for someone to find you – don’t be bashful!

Think out of the box to be different

What’s the best way to get your resume into the hand of a hiring manager? Abby discusses many options such as:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Hand delivery
  • Pay a visit to their workplace

Here are Absolutely Abby’s top favorites:

  • Personal introductions from people who know them
  • Snail mail
  • Fax

Snail mail and faxes may be older methods but fewer people are using them so you are bound to catch someone’s attention.

Use testimonials in a unique way – create a video with someone who knows you and your work and upload it to YouTube.

Become a thought leader and show your technology savvy by using Twitter. Recruiters use Twitter to advertise jobs and are more likely to respond to candidate questions. Why? Recruiters can respond to questions quicker and they love it.

Take out a Facebook Ad with key words that attract the person you want to connect with.

Don’t send the standard cover letter – customize it with information you glean from Twitter or the company website.

Key Words are Important

Make sure your LinkedIn (Summary and Experience) and Facebook (About and Employers) profiles are up to date and completed. Recruiters use these free services to find job candidates instead of paying for ads in services such as Monster.com, newspapers or CareerBuilder.com. The key words you use in your profiles make a difference – especially if that key word is a skill that the recruiter is looking for in the position they are hiring.

Absolutely Abby Reminds Us

A = Attitude is Everything

B = Be Yourself

C = Caution Counts

D = Different Delivers

E = Everything is Possible

Trust me, attend an event to experience the interactions between Absolutely Abby and the audience. Ask your questions. She’s honest and tells you the straight scoop.

In the next post, I’ll recap another session: Success for the Seasoned Search.