OK, I said it and I will say it again – angry people say stupid stuff. It happens in the office, at home and online in blog comments. Today was the first day I unapproved a thread of comments on one of my posts because angry people were saying stupid stuff.

At first I thought about a leaving it because everyone can form his or her own opinion. However, the commenters were throwing around language that to be honest was a personal attack. I don’t mind differences of opinion, however, I do mind it when angry people say stupid stuff.

I get it that you may not like my advice. There is a big wide world out there to get lots of opinions. Not everyone will tell it like it is and sometimes someone will tell things you don’t want to hear and deep down you know it is the truth.

Too often people want to find others to confirm what they want to hear or confirm that what they are doing is right when in fact, it is not. The sad truth is that many of your friends and family will not tell you what they really think because they are afraid of how you will react. You may shut down, get vengeful or mean. That’s right angry people say and do stupid stuff.

That’s not how it is here on Elephants at Work.

You may not like what I say. Sometimes I ask the question you do not want to face.  Take it as an opinion or a personal challenge — one you can agree with, one that can question what you thought or one that you may absolutely disagree with. What you decide to do with it is what matters — just make sure it is a positive step for yourself and others.

I want to hear your opinion, however, I will not allow anyone to make things personal on here — whether it is about me or anyone else.