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The “Skate to Where the Puck’s Going to Be” Career Management Philosophy

Have you ever thought about the jobs of the future – what would they be like? Deb Mourey from Hell in the Hallway prompts you to think about what skills will be needed to remain marketable.

Motivating Employees through Learning and Creativity

Alexandra Zatarain at Creative Solutions Services  sheds light on how three motivation techniques you can use today to increase learning on the job.

What’s your excuse? “I don’t have time …”

You have to love or at least acknowledge Dawn Bugni at The Write Solution’s tweet:  #Jobseekers: If you don’t make yourself a priority, no one else will. Won’t “find” & can’t “make” time. DEDICATE time to reach your goals. Dawn tells it like it is and what to do about it.

How to succeed? Be innovative, creative and optimistic. And: DO YOUR JOB

The theme is “you can make it happen”. Miriam Salpeter at Keppie Careers shares her insights from attending a recent SHRM convention where Dr. Condoleezza Rice spoke about how to “mobilize human potential.”

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How Storytelling Helps Your Career

The art of storytelling plays an integral part in interviewing and effective communication at work and who better to tell us the story than Michael Keathley at Best Colleges Online.

Job Candidates Need to Ask Good Questions

Interviewing is a two-way street and Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender offers up three tips on how to identify the red flags through the interviewing process.

Social Recruiting Just Works Better

Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa believes Social networking sites are being used to find new employees more often and with better results. Jobvite’s 2012 study shows you why employers are choosing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to source and hire candidates.

15 Funny Summer Job Cartoons

What’s a carnival without laughter? You can always count on Jacob Share at Job Mob to poke a little fun at summer jobs and job search frustrations.

5 Rules for Writing a Modern Resume

Inspired by networking conversations at NCDA, Melissa Venable at Online College gives you tips on how to update your old resume. Did you find the eight mistakes in the résumé rules quiz?

Who are you? (Company version)

Knowing what a company does in the job search process can help you ask better questions at your interview. Eric Derby at Staffing Insights shares his company process of defining a job, marketing the position and candidate key success factors.

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3 Networking Basics

Are your networking meetings non-productive? Head over to Denise Felder at DeinseMpls for a timely reminder of networking 101.

Does Networking Bring out Your *Inner* Introvert?

Introverts are always on the hunt for some tips on how to network effectively and Mildred Talabi has five tips that might make your next meeting more tolerable enjoyable.

How To Follow Up After A Networking Event

You had a great dialogue with a new contact at a networking event, exchanged cards, had the best of intentions to follow-up with each other, but never did. Has this happened to you? Lisa Rangel at Chameleon Resumes advises whether you are looking for a new job or growing your business or both, effective networking follow-up is a skill that can help you achieve your goals.

How To Notify Your LinkedIn Connections That You Are Looking For A Job

Don’t be bashful using LinkedIn as a job search tool – Sabrina Baker of Acacia HR Solution provides a great example of a job search message sent through LinkedIn that taps into your existing network.

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Brand Yourself As an Expert? Huh?

Meg Guiseppi at Executive Career Brand dispels the myth that you have to be an expert at something to have a solid branding strategy.

Strengths, Skills, Intersections, Sweet Spots and Success

Are you able to communicate what makes you unique? Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work tells a story of a man who lost sight of what his strengths were in the job hunting process and how she identified them.

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