Career Development CarnivalThis month, Hannah Morgan and I asked that our career expert bloggers to share their favorite blogs. We wanted to know where they glean their inspiration, personal development and advice – even if it is not career related.

How does sharing their favorite blogs help you?

  • It takes time to find new blogs worth reading.
  • Their recommendations may spark new ideas.
  • Knowing what people read is a window into what makes them tick.
  • You can discover new resources.

Below you will at least 90 blog recommendations that you may adopt for your reading enjoyment. If you have a favorite blog to share – comment below.

Blogs I Enjoy

Dan Ryan at Search for Authentic Leadership

This post covers the blogs Dan enjoys reading the most – leadership tops the list!

10 Blogs for Job Search, Personal Branding and Career Help

Meg Guiseppi at Executive Career Brand

Sites with advice on job search, careers, personal branding, marketing, social media, leadership, technology and personal development.

10 Websites every baby boomer should know but probably doesn’t

Marc Miller at Career Pivot

There is a set of websites every baby boomer should know to manage your career, and I am writing this post to expose you to them. Some of these might surprise you.

10 Blogs I Love; Learning and Laughing

Deborah Mourey at Hell in the Hallway

I read blogs that inspire me. Art, news, people with attitude – these are fuel for my personal fire. Go!

Top 10 Blogs That Help My Career

Arthur Catalanello Consulting

My top 10 list of blogs that help me in my career, complete with descriptions and links.

Top 10 Blogs to Stay Up-to-Date

Hannah Morgan at

This list is focuses on inspiration, motivation, deep thinking, bigger thinking, opening up to new ideas, and learning new things! Just the stuff needed to continually develop yourself.

Resources for a Well-Balanced Job Search

Lisa Rangel at Chameleon Resumes Blog

A successful job search gives well-balanced advice to address the mind, body, spirit and financial well-being of a person. A balanced job search prepares the job seeker to be in the right frame of mind…Check out these 10 blogs for tips…

Me? I do not have time to read blogs…

Eric Derby at Staffing Insights

I do not have much time to actually read blogs, and I would guess many readers are the same. But here are a few that I read on occasion.

Ten Favorite Blogs for Career, Personal Development and Geekiness

Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work

It was hard to narrow the list down to my top 10 blogs because I read a variety of topics.

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