Career Development CarnivalThis month’s Career Development Carnival is packed full of great career tips and advice that will take you into the rest of this year. In this month’s issue, we have career tips that span from looking for a new job, getting and managing your job and gracefully leaving your employer.

There’s no shortage of companies hiring according to Lisa Rangel and Meg Guiseppi between now and the New Year. If holiday parties scare you – look for the opportunities to use them to your advantage with tips from Susan Joyce.

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first act: career exploration

What kind of Harvest are you expecting?

Dan Ryan at Search for Authentic Leadership

The harvest is the ending of the season, but it is also the beginning of another season. We live in a world today where the season of one harvest/job might be a year, less than a year or possibly several years. Each crop/career/job is different. The individual responsible for the harvest, who I will call the Career Farmer, needs to understand just what kind of harvest they seek to have and they must then begin the planning of this harvest at least one season in advance.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Dreams

Julie Walraven at Design Resumes

What should I do to get back my life dream?

Before you throw in the towel and decide it cannot be done, start the steps to finding your life purpose. Make sure you have created the value-infused resume that will help you when you have that opportunity. Don’t let your life pass by.

Harvesting Our Dreams in Lake Texoma, TX

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter at CareerTrend

Career Transformation, akin to Life Change, requires more than just planning – it requires ‘acting on your plans!’ You will experience a variety of emotions; you will have to adjust your sails along the way, but it will be worth it. You can reap the value that intentional change offers. Harvest those dreams!

second act: networking tips

Eye Contact is Integral to Communication

Beth Sears at Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Her Rochester

The simple act of making eye contact is an integral part of the communication process, and yet it is something that seems to be missing today. People often interact without ever looking up from their phones or computers. This blog offers tips to deal with people who are not paying attention to you.

third act: career management

3 Traits of Successful Job Seekers

Marc Miller at Career Pivot

You know whom I am talking about when I say successful job seekers. When they get laid off, or are just dissatisfied with their current position, they find that next position with ease.

How do they do it?

Finding Yourself in Your Work or Losing Yourself in It? | Pursuing Growth

Dawn Lennon at Business Fitness

Our careers are what we make them. They’re a product of the work we do. Career problems arise when we forget that we’re doing the driving.

Perhaps your job used to be what you always wanted, but it’s now changed and the company culture with it. The reality is that you won’t get the past back; you only have the way things are to build from. The sooner you have a plan, the happier you’ll be.

Being a Graceful Winner When You Have a Job Hunt Victory

Melissa Cooley at The Job Quest

You just got a new job — exciting times! But you still have the task of maintaining your composure with your soon-to-be former employer. How can you gracefully get through the period of transition after you have submitted your letter of resignation?

6 Little Known Reasons Why You Can Get Hired in November and December

Lisa Rangel at Chameleon Resumes Blog

Get hired in November and December, as these holiday months are often top billing months for recruiters. Yet job seekers say, “The holidays are slow for hiring.” Well, don’t believe it! If you are still energized, learn why you should keep your job search going through the holidays.

You’ve got a graduate degree, but you still don’t know nothing

Debra Ann Matthews at Clarksville Career Advice Examiner

Under what circumstances did you enter an advanced degree program? Was it because you had a passion for the professional area and you yearned to learn as much as possible in order for you to maximize your knowledge base as a subject matter expert in your field?

No Boss, No Office, My Peers Decide My Pay?

Deborah Mourey at Hell In the Hallway

Imagine a company where everyone is equal and managers don’t exist; where you’re peers decide your pay. Good idea? Bad idea? What do you think?

Special Report: The Job Preparedness Indicator 2013

Mark Dyson at The Voice of Job Seekers

Last year, I reported that The Job Preparedness Indicator is an annual survey conducted on behalf of the Career Advisory Board, established by DeVry University. It offers data, trends and advice for job seekers on how to bridge the skills gap and meet potential employers’ needs. This year, I will be briefly discussing The Job Preparedness 2013 and highlight some of its findings.

Be Productive at Any Age

Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa

Don’t we all want to feel like we are being more productive? Maybe you constantly feel overwhelmed or maybe you regularly fight procrastination.

How to Professionally Depart from an Employer

Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work

When you know in advance that you are leaving an organization, think about the impression you want to leave and how to pro-actively position yourself for your next move.

fourth act: job search resources

‘Tis the Season to Land an Executive Job

Meg Guiseppi at Executive Career Brand

The holidays are a great time to make networking headway in your executive job search and land your next great gig.

Resume Strategy – What Format To Use and When

Tom Adrienne at Calgary Resume Writer

Knowing what resume format to use when can have a direct impact on your resume’s success.

Get Hired By Telling Them Your Stories

Barb Poole at Hire Imaging

How practiced storytelling can you make you memorable and desirable as a candidate of choice by those who have the power to hire or help you.

Not Getting Job Interviews? Recruiters Are Not the Problem

Dave Ellis at The Savvy Intern

A while back, I read a book called If It’s Going To, Be It’s Up to Me by Robert H. Schuller. A self-help book, the gist is that we all have abilities and talents – but most of this potential goes underutilized, or completely un-used. According to the author, we can’t rely on others to clear paths for us to achieve our goals; we have to do it ourselves.

In most job and internship searches, however, it seems often we wait for the world to come to us…

Holiday Party Your Way to a New Job

Susan Joyce at Job-Hunt

The holidays are a great time to network and to job hunt, and this post describes how to use typical holiday gatherings for job search networking.

fourth act: personal branding

Show Your Super Powers

Vickie Elmer at Working Kind

We don’t have to be Super Man or Katharine Hepburn to have super powers. Everyone has one – even if they haven’t discovered it yet.

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