Career Development Carnival: May 2014

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Personal Branding

The Best Pose for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

AvidCareerist by Donna Svei

Quick, easy to use advice on how to post for your LinkedIn profile photo!

Career ManagementCareer Development Carnival

Creating Work You Love

Hell in the Hallway by Deborah  Mourey

The first time I was let go, I was upset. By the 3rd time, I said no more. Here’s my story from employee to earning multiple revenue streams and being assured I’ll never be laid off again. Try it, you might like it.

5 Reasons to Invest in YOURSELF with a Career Coach

Food for Thought:  Musing on Work, Life and Living by Kathi Miller-Miller

Blog discusses some career stages/situations that may be an appropriate time to hire a career coach.

Choose the yellow brick road – or your own path

WorkingKind by Vickie Elmer

How do you decide which way to go at a career fork in the road? The moment of decision may demand a few days of reflection, or a search for a guide on your journey.

LinkedIn Endorsements Updated – FINALLY!

Career Pivot by Marc Miller

Many of you have grown tired of LinkedIn Endorsements and being prompted to endorse your connections. Many of you have also grown tired of getting LinkedIn endorsements from people you have never worked with or getting LinkedIn endorsements for skills that you do not have like underwater basket weaving. (I do know of someone who received this endorsement). That is changing!”

Organize Your LinkedIn Usage So You’re Not Overwhelmed

Chameleon Resumes Blog by Lisa Rangel

Here’s our guide on how to organize your LinkedIn usage so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Managing LinkedIn profile keywords, groups and all the new features they are always rolling out can be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to learn everything all at once in order to use LinkedIn effectively.

Looking for the Key to Success? Start with Appreciation.  Pharrell Knows.

Business Fitness by Dawn Lennon

“There is no achieving success alone. It takes connecting with good people, successful in their own fields, who have a genuine interest in lifting you up.

The key to your success is focusing on and developing your talents, finding those good people, and appreciating, every day, the significance of their part in the trajectory of your success.”

What to do When Your Boss Wants to Fire You

Elephants at Work by Lynn Dessert

A reader’s question – What to do when things get really ugly with his boss at work? Can he salvage it? Is it worth it?

Job Search Resources

3 Reasons to Reassure Resumes with Compelling Cover Letters by Debra Ann Matthews

Cover Letters Give Choice – Some postings will use the term, “letter of interest” or may ask for an email to accompany a resume. Some may ask that salary requirements are included with other career communication documents. Cover letters provide an opportunity for you to help hiring managers a chance to choose you! This is a time to choose to include information about special circumstances that aren’t covered in your resume. There are so many reasons that you as a job seeker or career changer is a unique individual. This is your time to shine!

Desperation is Not a Marketable Soft Skill

The Savvy Intern by Mark Babbitt

“You’ve tried everything, and it seems no one recognizes your potential; that you’d be a great employee… at any company, for any work! All you need is for someone to see you for what you are.


Trouble is, they may already have seen the “real” you. If you’ve done any of the following, they may already have classified you, no matter how well you might be able to do the job on paper, as desperate…”

Job Searching?  How to Avoid a Bad Fit

Calgary Resume Writer | Career Impressions by Adrienne Tom

Most job seekers commence a job search with a rather wide objective: to get a job.   Often people forget to consider what type of job they truly want, or fail to evaluate how the role matches their short and long-term goals. Can you relate?  Here are some tips to help.

Use Job Boards for Research … Not to Find Jobs

Executive Career Brandby Meg Guiseppi

An estimated 95% of executive job seekers use job boards to find jobs, but only about 5% of them will land jobs directly through them.

Things You Didn’t Know About Job Search

Career Sherpa by Hannah Morgan

There’s an old saying…you don’t know what you don’t know. This applies to job search as well. See proof that you may not know as much as you should about how to run a successful job search today.

Career Exploration

Age discrimination in your job search? Just move on.

Staffing Insights by Eric Derby

Do not waste your time on companies that discriminate.  Move on and find a better place to work.

Swing for the Fences or “Small Ball” in your Job Search

Search for Authentic Leadership by Dan Ryan

We will spend a few moments today discussion a couple of ways to go about your job search.  In doing so, I will use an analogy that is near and dear to my heart, one that refers back to baseball.

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Career Development Carnival: March 2014

Career Development CarnivalThis month’s Career Development Carnival had a theme to challenge the creative juices of our career experts: Which came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

We asked them to think about the conversations they have with people who believe that one action or thought has to come first and ask the question…does it really? Usually there is no one right answer and yields some discussions and debates.

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April’s Career Development Carnival will be hosted by Hannah Morgan at

Job Search Resources

Why Do Recruiters Post Fake Ads?

Chameleon Resumes Blog with Lisa Rangel

Which comes first? The job opening or the job posting? Sometimes recruiters post ads anticipating open jobs that are not really open yet. Are these really fake job ads? Learn inner workings of a third-party recruiting function to help you become less frustrated with job postings.

How A Functional Resume Format Can Hurt Your Job Search

The A-Plus Advisory Post with Karen Silins

How use of a functional resume format is truly seen by both HR/Recruiting/Hiring Managers and ATS Systems.

Career Exploration

The value of doing nothing, or not much

Search for Authentic Leadership with Dan Ryan

“Taking time for reflection can be a great way to get started on your career exploration, especially if you are in the midst of hectic times. Take some time to extract yourself – you’ll be glad you did!”

Who, What and Why before the Resume

Elephants at Work with Lynn Dessert

No doubt you are itchy to get that resume circulating quickly. Getting it done quick may not get you the job you want because it fails to tell your story. To get it right, ask these questions.

Reputation Management

Do You Have A Reputation?

Career with Hannah Morgan

Everyone has a reputation! The question is- how do you market your reputation in a way that resonates with future employers?

Career Management

You must go to college Before you start a business

Hell In the Hallway with Deborah Mourey

College is great but it’s not for everyone and these days, with college debt so high and more support for entrepreneurs, there are many alternatives to ‘college.’

Position or Experience

Workplace Communication Blog with Beth Sears

Looking for a position is exacerbated when they look for experience and yet you cannot obtain a position to get the experience. This post offers suggestions for getting experience before you have the actual position.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding, Resume or Job Search Targeting: Which Comes First?

Executive Career Brand with Meg Guiseppi

If you start with your resume, and neglect targeting, research and branding, you’ll probably be in for a protracted job search.

Career Development Carnival: January 2014

Career Development CarnivalHappy New Year! Hannah Morgan and I are excited to start a new year with a great collection of career development posts from career experts around the world. We promise to bring you some new themes this year that pose questions that are top of mind for the career savvy reader. 

Are you are new to carnivals? Here’s the quick overview. Carnival hosts ask other bloggers who write great content on a topic to take part – usually on a monthly basis. The authors share a teaser about their top-notch advice in one easy place for you to quickly see what interests you. Simply click on the title of the post or article and you’ll be taken to their blog to read the rest of the post.

If you like what you read, share it with your social networks – on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and discussion groups or perhaps you can contribute to the article and comment to help others on their journey.

Enjoy this month’s collection of great reading!

Job Search Resources

Self-Employment and the Job Hunt

The Job Quest with Melissa Cooley

Should a period of self-employment be included in a resume? This blog post discusses the reasons why disclosure of self-employment is a wise choice to make.

80 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts 2014

Career Sherpa with Hannah Morgan

To enhance your job search and career resources, I’ve culled this list of 80 Twitter accounts I follow for up-to-date information.

How to plan for your next job interview

Design Resumes with Julie Walraven

Interviewing is stressful and there are multiple aspects to the planning. Today let’s just do some basic Q&A to learn the best ways to be successful in the phone interview, the Skype interview, and the in-person interview.

3 Steps to Walking Into Your Interview with Confidence

Career Pivot with Marc Miller

If you walk into an interview feeling good about yourself, it will exude from every pore. The one thing you cannot fake is passion.

I am going to give you three steps to take starting 45 minutes before an interview. Step 3 may sound a little crazy, but stick with me.

Why Is This Hiring Process So Slow?

Hire Imaging with Barb Poole

“Why is it taking so long to hire?” is a frequent question in the minds of job seekers. Presents some of the scenarios as to whys, and what the candidate can do.

Career Exploration

My take on salary history questions from a prospective employer

Staffing Insights with Eric Derby

I have recently seen a number or articles suggesting that people not discuss their salary history with prospective employers. I think they are wrong. Withholding the information can make the process tougher and sharing it can be used to improve the process.

Career Management

When to Unfriend a LinkedIn Connection

Avid Careerist with Donna Svei

When to disconnect and alternatives in the post and comments to “going nuclear.”

Ditch the New Year’s Resolution… Create a Career Action Plan

The Savvy Intern with Dave Ellis

Hey… do you want to read another post about how to set New Year’s resolutions for a successful job or internship search?

Sorry. This isn’t one of them.

The truth is… January 1st isn’t magical. It’s a date on the calendar like any other.

But perhaps therein lies the magic. Any date can be made a special starting day – even today!

Do Certifications Matter?

Acacia HR Solutions with Sabrina Baker

In a day where competition for jobs is fierce, do certifications give candidates a “leg up”? This blog posts explores that question and identifies how to tell which certifications might be worth it.

Why you shouldn’t waste your time making new goals this new year

Mildred Talabi

Making New Year goals this year? Don’t bother! Here’s why…..

Learn Something Unrelated. Kick Your Career Up a Notch.

Business Fitness with Dawn Lennon

Learning is about head and heart. It adds insight, experience, connections and even uniqueness. In terms of your career, you’re differentiating yourself, making yourself more interesting, revealing yourself as creative, adventuresome, inventive, and multidimensional.

Starting your year on the Right Foot

Search for Authentic Leadership with Dan Ryan

Having a great year means you need to get started in the right direction. This post gives a few simple tips to help you get headed in the right direction.

How to write my ex-boss a thank you note for firing me

Elephants at Work with Lynn Dessert

It’s hard to believe but someone asked the question about writing a thank you note to their ex-boss even though they were fired! Let’s explore why you might want to thank your boss and how to do it.

Emotional Intelligence – the Most Effective Smarts!

Workplace Communications with Beth Sears

Emotional Intelligence is quickly becoming the measure of who does well in the workplace and who does not. Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence skills can be learned. This article gives an overview of the components of Emotional Intelligence and some tips to improve your interpersonal skills.

Personal Branding

Experiencing Failure

Arthur’s Blog with Arthur Catalanello

For most people, the greatest number of “failures” will be experienced during job loss and job search. However, failure is the road to success and there’s a difference between being a failure and experiencing failure.

How to Use Twitter for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand with Meg Guiseppi

Step-by-step advice on using Twitter to build your personal brand and land an executive job.

9 Ways to Improve Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile For the New Year

Chameleon Resumes Blog with Lisa Rangel

The New Year is here! It is a pivotal time of year to get your resume and LinkedIn profile updated, in sync and given to the right contacts to land your next job faster for the New Year. Whether you are simply updating your achievements, landing a new job or switching careers, it is key to capitalize on this time of year to position yourself to thrive in 2014. Here are 9 holiday resume and LinkedIn profile tips that you can do right now to get your profile and resume up to speed fast!

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Career Development Carnival: November 2013

Career Development CarnivalThis month’s Career Development Carnival is packed full of great career tips and advice that will take you into the rest of this year. In this month’s issue, we have career tips that span from looking for a new job, getting and managing your job and gracefully leaving your employer.

There’s no shortage of companies hiring according to Lisa Rangel and Meg Guiseppi between now and the New Year. If holiday parties scare you – look for the opportunities to use them to your advantage with tips from Susan Joyce.

If you find a career expert whose advice you value, show your support by sharing that post with your social and live networks – that’s right use the Like, Share, Pin and Comment features! And if you really like one of them – engage them to help you.

first act: career exploration

What kind of Harvest are you expecting?

Dan Ryan at Search for Authentic Leadership

The harvest is the ending of the season, but it is also the beginning of another season. We live in a world today where the season of one harvest/job might be a year, less than a year or possibly several years. Each crop/career/job is different. The individual responsible for the harvest, who I will call the Career Farmer, needs to understand just what kind of harvest they seek to have and they must then begin the planning of this harvest at least one season in advance.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Dreams

Julie Walraven at Design Resumes

What should I do to get back my life dream?

Before you throw in the towel and decide it cannot be done, start the steps to finding your life purpose. Make sure you have created the value-infused resume that will help you when you have that opportunity. Don’t let your life pass by.

Harvesting Our Dreams in Lake Texoma, TX

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter at CareerTrend

Career Transformation, akin to Life Change, requires more than just planning – it requires ‘acting on your plans!’ You will experience a variety of emotions; you will have to adjust your sails along the way, but it will be worth it. You can reap the value that intentional change offers. Harvest those dreams!

second act: networking tips

Eye Contact is Integral to Communication

Beth Sears at Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Her Rochester

The simple act of making eye contact is an integral part of the communication process, and yet it is something that seems to be missing today. People often interact without ever looking up from their phones or computers. This blog offers tips to deal with people who are not paying attention to you.

third act: career management

3 Traits of Successful Job Seekers

Marc Miller at Career Pivot

You know whom I am talking about when I say successful job seekers. When they get laid off, or are just dissatisfied with their current position, they find that next position with ease.

How do they do it?

Finding Yourself in Your Work or Losing Yourself in It? | Pursuing Growth

Dawn Lennon at Business Fitness

Our careers are what we make them. They’re a product of the work we do. Career problems arise when we forget that we’re doing the driving.

Perhaps your job used to be what you always wanted, but it’s now changed and the company culture with it. The reality is that you won’t get the past back; you only have the way things are to build from. The sooner you have a plan, the happier you’ll be.

Being a Graceful Winner When You Have a Job Hunt Victory

Melissa Cooley at The Job Quest

You just got a new job — exciting times! But you still have the task of maintaining your composure with your soon-to-be former employer. How can you gracefully get through the period of transition after you have submitted your letter of resignation?

6 Little Known Reasons Why You Can Get Hired in November and December

Lisa Rangel at Chameleon Resumes Blog

Get hired in November and December, as these holiday months are often top billing months for recruiters. Yet job seekers say, “The holidays are slow for hiring.” Well, don’t believe it! If you are still energized, learn why you should keep your job search going through the holidays.

You’ve got a graduate degree, but you still don’t know nothing

Debra Ann Matthews at Clarksville Career Advice Examiner

Under what circumstances did you enter an advanced degree program? Was it because you had a passion for the professional area and you yearned to learn as much as possible in order for you to maximize your knowledge base as a subject matter expert in your field?

No Boss, No Office, My Peers Decide My Pay?

Deborah Mourey at Hell In the Hallway

Imagine a company where everyone is equal and managers don’t exist; where you’re peers decide your pay. Good idea? Bad idea? What do you think?

Special Report: The Job Preparedness Indicator 2013

Mark Dyson at The Voice of Job Seekers

Last year, I reported that The Job Preparedness Indicator is an annual survey conducted on behalf of the Career Advisory Board, established by DeVry University. It offers data, trends and advice for job seekers on how to bridge the skills gap and meet potential employers’ needs. This year, I will be briefly discussing The Job Preparedness 2013 and highlight some of its findings.

Be Productive at Any Age

Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa

Don’t we all want to feel like we are being more productive? Maybe you constantly feel overwhelmed or maybe you regularly fight procrastination.

How to Professionally Depart from an Employer

Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work

When you know in advance that you are leaving an organization, think about the impression you want to leave and how to pro-actively position yourself for your next move.

fourth act: job search resources

‘Tis the Season to Land an Executive Job

Meg Guiseppi at Executive Career Brand

The holidays are a great time to make networking headway in your executive job search and land your next great gig.

Resume Strategy – What Format To Use and When

Tom Adrienne at Calgary Resume Writer

Knowing what resume format to use when can have a direct impact on your resume’s success.

Get Hired By Telling Them Your Stories

Barb Poole at Hire Imaging

How practiced storytelling can you make you memorable and desirable as a candidate of choice by those who have the power to hire or help you.

Not Getting Job Interviews? Recruiters Are Not the Problem

Dave Ellis at The Savvy Intern

A while back, I read a book called If It’s Going To, Be It’s Up to Me by Robert H. Schuller. A self-help book, the gist is that we all have abilities and talents – but most of this potential goes underutilized, or completely un-used. According to the author, we can’t rely on others to clear paths for us to achieve our goals; we have to do it ourselves.

In most job and internship searches, however, it seems often we wait for the world to come to us…

Holiday Party Your Way to a New Job

Susan Joyce at Job-Hunt

The holidays are a great time to network and to job hunt, and this post describes how to use typical holiday gatherings for job search networking.

fourth act: personal branding

Show Your Super Powers

Vickie Elmer at Working Kind

We don’t have to be Super Man or Katharine Hepburn to have super powers. Everyone has one – even if they haven’t discovered it yet.

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Career Development Carnival: July 2013

Career Development CarnivalWelcome to the July edition of the Career Development Carnival. As you know, carnivals move around so this month Elephants at Work is hosting the major topics of: career exploration, career management, job resources, job networking tips search tips and personal branding.

The Career Development Carnival would like to welcome some new acts (contributors) that will dazzle you with their career advice and insights: Dan McCarthy, Donna Svei, Adrienne Tom and Kevin Kermes.

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Career Exploration

Career questions ex-prisoners ask about getting a good job & other considerations

Debra Ann Matthews at Job Winning Resumes

As a human being, the God-given right to work and enhance one’s career, is a simple right as much as breathing. However, many ex-felons, former inmates, convicted persons feel isolated and unsure how to proceed forward in rebuilding their professional lives. This article is an effort to offer ways in which those who have had relationships with the prison system in some way can ask questions that they have an itching and burning desire to know as far as how to develop their professional selves.

The Career and Retirement Tango

Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work

When you are ready to retire and still want to continue working, there are four questions that will help you find what to do next.

Career Management

Took The Wrong Job?– How Do You Know & What Do You Do Now?

Lisa Rangel at Chameleon Resumes Blog

Did you take the wrong job recently? Not sure how to know if you took the wrong job?  If you feel that you have taken then wrong position and are not sure what to do about it, learn the signs that could validate that you may have taken the wrong job and what you can do about it.

Time to Reflect on Career and Life

Marc Miller at Career Pivot

Have you taken time to reflect? I tell all of my clients to periodically reflect back on what has happened in the last 6-12 months. We get all caught up in the day-to-day issues of work and life in general that we miss things.

Sometimes it is how far we have come in such a short time. Maybe it is understanding how we got to the place we are currently sitting. What road have we taken?

Because Every Job is Temporary, Confidence is Key

Deborah Mourey at Hell in the Hallway

Confidence is not bravado but the ability to listen, shine the spotlight on others and freely ask for help (and be wrong!) True confidence comes from discipline. Career realism is a good career management resource.

20 Questions to Assess the Quality of an Individual Development Plan

Dan McCarthy at Great Leadership

Here’s a checklist I’ve used to evaluate the quality of a leader’s individual development plan. Use it to evaluate your own plan or to coach others.

Could An Interim Job Meet Your Current Needs?

Barb Poole at Hire Imaging

Sometimes the need for dependable income surpasses finding the ideal job fit. If you are in this position, perhaps an interim job could be your answer.

5 Reasons Recruiters Ignore Your LinkedIn Profile — Infographic

Donna Svei at Avid Careerist

Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters and build your network to drive more traffic to your profile.

5 Ways to Fight Off Self-Doubt | Dealing with Performance Dips

Dawn Lennon at Business Fitness

Achieving and sustaining success requires self-confidence. Self-doubt kills it.

Overcoming internal negative voices tests your mental toughness. If you take some time to listen to pro athletes after wins and losses, you’ll get some priceless perspectives on how to fight the good fight.

Job Resources

Executive Job Search Tips

Adrienne Tom at Career Impressions

Top tips to kick off a senior professional or executive level job search.

41 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa

There are lots of reasons you are not landing a job. Take a look or better yet, ask for objective feedback.

The Secret to a Successful Job Search

Arthur Catalanello at Arthur’s Blog

Job seekers are often told that the secret to finding a job is through networking. I believe that’s very true. But, there’s something even more important than that…

The World’s Best Executive Resume Is Not Enough

Meg Guiseppi at Executive Career Brand

You also need to follow executive job search best practices, and back them up with social proof.

175 Helpful Questions To Ask At A Job Interview

Jacob Share at Job Mob

In this follow-up to “444 Most Popular Job Interviewer Questions To Prepare Yourself With,” here are questions you should consider asking the interviewer instead of the other way around.

Job Search Tactics that Work!

Kristi Enigl at Coach Kristi, Insider Career Tips

Think About Your Job Search Differently

What can you do to take a proactive approach to career management? The first, and most important thing to do is think differently about your job search. A much more effective way of finding a good job is targeting companies first.

Personality and Job Searching…Finally Working Together

Marc DeBoer at A Better Interview

Hasn’t it always frustrated you that you can’t really show your personality in an interview? Well now you can with the JobEvolve personality assessment!

The Anatomy of a Great LinkedIn Update (AKA: How to Get Hired Through LinkedIn)

Kevin Kermes at Career Attraction

The LinkedIn Update. In this blog post I’m going to show you why, as well as share HOW to get results with yours: AKA “get hired.”

Networking Tips

Don’t Click “Endorse” on LinkedIn …at least not yet

Shahrzad Arasteh at Nourish your Career

Your LinkedIn connections put thought and time into selecting the right skills for their profile. The Skill Endorsements feature can be used to help or hurt these efforts. Here are a few tips for using this feature in a way that adds value, when endorsing your connections.

Personal Branding

Five Questions about how to Sell Yourself to Others

Dan Ryan at Search for Authentic Leadership

I will talk today about how I strive to sell myself and my company to others. This is always a work in progress, but I have learned, am learning, some valuable lessons about this as I progress and grow myself and my firm.

Here are a few questions I would ask myself, ones that you might ask yourself when you consider how to best present yourself in the eyes of others.

Are you shutting the door on your job search success?

Julie Walraven at Design Resumes

Why do people tune job seekers out when the person needs their help?

Negativity breeds negativity. Sometimes you feel like no one is listening to you when you vent. Perhaps you are focusing on the negativity so much that you aren’t noticing that all of your communication is filled with complaints.

Target the Right Issue in an Argument

Beth Sears at Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Her Rochester

This blog discusses getting to the root cause of an issue and offers suggestions of using an acronym CPR to get to the root cause. It also discusses how to argue in a constructive manner that maintains the respect of both parties.

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Career Development Carnival: May 2013

Career Development CarnivalThis month, Hannah Morgan and I asked that our career expert bloggers to share their favorite blogs. We wanted to know where they glean their inspiration, personal development and advice – even if it is not career related.

How does sharing their favorite blogs help you?

  • It takes time to find new blogs worth reading.
  • Their recommendations may spark new ideas.
  • Knowing what people read is a window into what makes them tick.
  • You can discover new resources.

Below you will at least 90 blog recommendations that you may adopt for your reading enjoyment. If you have a favorite blog to share – comment below.

Blogs I Enjoy

Dan Ryan at Search for Authentic Leadership

This post covers the blogs Dan enjoys reading the most – leadership tops the list!

10 Blogs for Job Search, Personal Branding and Career Help

Meg Guiseppi at Executive Career Brand

Sites with advice on job search, careers, personal branding, marketing, social media, leadership, technology and personal development.

10 Websites every baby boomer should know but probably doesn’t

Marc Miller at Career Pivot

There is a set of websites every baby boomer should know to manage your career, and I am writing this post to expose you to them. Some of these might surprise you.

10 Blogs I Love; Learning and Laughing

Deborah Mourey at Hell in the Hallway

I read blogs that inspire me. Art, news, people with attitude – these are fuel for my personal fire. Go!

Top 10 Blogs That Help My Career

Arthur Catalanello Consulting

My top 10 list of blogs that help me in my career, complete with descriptions and links.

Top 10 Blogs to Stay Up-to-Date

Hannah Morgan at

This list is focuses on inspiration, motivation, deep thinking, bigger thinking, opening up to new ideas, and learning new things! Just the stuff needed to continually develop yourself.

Resources for a Well-Balanced Job Search

Lisa Rangel at Chameleon Resumes Blog

A successful job search gives well-balanced advice to address the mind, body, spirit and financial well-being of a person. A balanced job search prepares the job seeker to be in the right frame of mind…Check out these 10 blogs for tips…

Me? I do not have time to read blogs…

Eric Derby at Staffing Insights

I do not have much time to actually read blogs, and I would guess many readers are the same. But here are a few that I read on occasion.

Ten Favorite Blogs for Career, Personal Development and Geekiness

Lynn Dessert at Elephants at Work

It was hard to narrow the list down to my top 10 blogs because I read a variety of topics.

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Career Development Carnival: March 2013

Welcome to the Career Development Carnival hosted by Hannah Morgan and Lynn Dessert.

Here’s how a blog carnival works. Each month, we invite career experts to share their top career related tips and advice.

As a carnival host, I organize the posts so that you can find what you need quickly and give you a snap shot of each author’s content. Each blog title is linked to the article so that you can read and visit their site. If you like what you read, help promote the article through your favorite social channel – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Facebook or email it. When you share their articles it is a way to communicate your appreciation.

We are excited to welcome several new contributors: Cindy Billington, Vickie Elmer, Susan Heathfield, Barb Poole, Paul Smith, Bianca Thompson and Marc DeBoer.

Career Management

Whether you think you can or cannot, you are probably correct

Blog: Dan Ryan Search & Consulting    Author: Dan Ryan

The biggest obstacle we often face is ourselves.

Crafting an SEO- and Human-Friendly LinkedIn Headline

Blog: Profession Direction Blog              Author: Kristin Johnson

“LinkedIn is a dichotomous beast. There is the side that requires specific keywords to play well with LinkedIn’s algorithm, but there’s also the human element – the person reading your profile. Can you please both sides? This is no easy feat, especially when you’ve only got 120 characters to do it in, as with your “Professional Headline.” Keep reading for some great ideas to help you balance the need for SEO and readability in your LinkedIn headline.

Advice – The Magic Word in Managing Your Career

Blog: Career Pivot                                    Author: Marc Miller

Advice is the Magic Word. When someone comes to you and asks for some advice, do you ever turn them down? Probably not. In fact, you’re probably take it as a compliment! What is the best way to approach a contact for help with your career?

Make mine a handshake: Avoid the hug from a boss or a client

Blog: WorkingKind                                   Author: Vickie Elmer

Hugs can be wonderful, warm things, or they can make you feel queasy. If your client or boss is a bit too friendly or hugs for too long, here’s some ways to politely, professionally avoid the embrace.

I Hate The HR Fear

Blog: Welcome To The Occupation        Author: Paul Smith

“How I have dealt with the two types of HR Fear:

  • Fear of HR
  • Fear of Working In HR

Don’t Follow Your Passion

Blog: Hell in the Hallway                         Author: Deborah Mourey

Conventional wisdom doesn’t always work. Be so good that they can’t ignore you is a better way to think about your career than ‘follow your passion.’

Newton’ Three Career Laws

Blog: Career Sherpa                                 Author: Hannah Morgan

Keeping your career in motion requires a little physics. Learn how Newton would suggest you develop your career!

Job Applications: Should Companies Ask for Date of Birth?

Blog: Elephants at Work                          Author: Lynn Dessert

Every time you fill out a job application you may be cringing at the request for birthdate because you fear the employer may discriminate against you. Dates of birth are needed at some point in the employment process…here’s the how and when it should be done.

Sheryl Sandberg’s 5 Best ‘Lean In’ Tips For Women

Blog: Next Avenue                                    Author: Kerry Hannon

Career Tips for women 50+ from Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg.

Personal Branding

Google Plus Profile, Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

Blog: Executive Career Brand                 Author: Meg Guiseppi

How a Google+ Profile builds online personal branding and how to create your profile.

Five Consulting and Job Search Parallels

Blog: Arthur’s Blog                                    Author: Arthur Catalanello

I’ve noticed five parallels between my job search activity and my marketing consulting business.  Lessons earned in one helps with the other!

What is not so Human about Human Resources?

Blog: The Voice of Job Seekers               Author: Bianca Thompson

Sassy HR Girl offers a “Human” perspective of an often “Human-less” side of treading through the flooded field of job hunting, interview, and the hiring process.

Career Exploration

26 Ways to share the ABC’s on your resume

Blog:                                  Author: Debra Ann Matthews

Beware of a boring resume that has no clue. One way to excite your resume is to use phrases that describe the impact you’ve made in your jobs, community service and professional development events. Try to describe your contributions, using various letters of the alphabet. Here are some action oriented verbs to get you started; many of the starters are compliments of Fred Coon’s coaching in his book, Ready, Aim Hired! See if you can fill each one to enhance your branded professional contributions:

Job Search Resources

What Employers Aren’t Saying

Blog: DeniseMpls                                       Author: Denise Felder

This blog post looks at a few reasons why employers might not hire a job seeker, but will not tell them.

Networking Tips

One Brave (And Great) Way of Asking for Help in Your Job Search

Blog: Hire Imaging                                    Author: Barb Poole

Advice on how to enlist the help of those you’ve reached out to who may not have reached back. How to communicate and ask them to listen and share potential opportunities for you in a respectful way.

Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search

Blog: JobMob                                             Author: Jacob Share

Where to find the best job search resources on Pinterest.

Spring Cleaning For Your Job Hunt

Blog: Why Work At Vocus                        Author: Veronica Segovia

As the year goes by, those of you who are recent graduates or re-entering the job market, might be frustrated with your job search and wondering what you can do to get closer to getting hired. While you prepare to clean out your closet this spring, it may also benefit you to think about how you can apply some organization and “spring cleaning” to your job hunt. We got our talent acquisitions specialists together and came up with a check list of items that might help you get hired, faster.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding Without Purpose: A Job Seeker Failure Story

Blog: The Savvy Intern                            Author: Mark Babbitt

So many of us genuinely suck at branding ourselves.

And for most of us, there’s one simple reason for our shortcomings: we haven’t identified our purpose for why we want to engage in personal branding.

Here’s what you may not realize: The purpose of personal branding is NOT to get a job. Here are three tips to getting the most out of your personal branding efforts…”

Networking Tips

Discussing Salary in Information Interviews

Career Management:  Keepin It Real     Author: Cindy Billington

Information interviews provide a tremendous opportunity for job seekers to become more knowledgeable about a profession or industry.  It is also one of the best ways to increase a network.  Asking salary information draws the focus of the conversation away from what potential contact knows and to what the job seeker wants which is a job and a desired salary.

How to Network Naturally

Blog: CareerTrend                                     Author: Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

If only networking were under the guise of a different name. For many, just hearing the term, ‘networking’ creates stress. But what if you underwent a paradigm shift in your thinking and behavior, and learned to network more naturally–or, rather, what if you learned to netweave your way toward more meaningful relationships?

Why You Are Networking Wrong

Blog: A Better                    Author: Marc DeBoer

There is a reason why you are networking wrong – it’s probably with the wrong people! Find out why.

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