Personal and Business Development Seminars in Rochester, NY

Leading with Your Strengths

Have you ever wondered what strengths you have and how to tap into them in different situations? You will uncover new strengths and think about how to use them most effectively in everyday life situations.

Leading with Your Strengths is being sponsored by the Pen-Web Rotary on May 16, 2013 from 7:30-8:30am at the Baywinde Senior Living Community Center in Webster NY.

This program is open to the public, the admission is $5.

 How to Use your Blog to Build Your Business

If you just started a blog or have a blog that doesn’t seem to be getting the ROI you want, this session is for you!  

You might be asking – can blogging be an effective marketing tool to build your business? Yes! 

I have been writing Elephants at Work for over three years and it’s time to share what I have learned with others who want to use their blog to build their business. Yes, it can be done. It takes a strategy, trial and error and perseverance. 

  • Growing your audience
  • How to market your services
  • One website or two?
  • How often do I need to post articles?
  • What kind of traffic can I expect?
  • How to I measure success?

How to Use your Blog to Build Your Business is being sponsored by the Rochester Professional Consultant’s Network (RPCN) at the Brighton Town Hall from 8-9:30am on May 24, 2013.

Members – free

Guests – $10

Register here.

Elephants at Work has a LinkedIn Group

I started a LinkedIn group for Elephants at Work. Why did I create another forum? Because you may prefer an alternative social network to interact or find out information and it makes good business sense to expand Elephants at Work’s reach.

The format of LinkedIn Groups encourages interaction and discussion. The discussion questions and answers are usually shorter in length. You can establish and grow your relationships with other people within or outside of LinkedIn. If you want more in-depth information on specific topics, you will find it here.

Personally, I am looking forward to inspiration for new posts and topics through the Elephants at Work LinkedIn group.

The group is open to anyone. You can sign up here: Elephants at Work LinkedIn Group.

September 12, 2012: Core Strength Training with Lynn Dessert

Candy Muth, one of the owners of an upscale consignment shop, Your Best Friend’s Closet approached me about kicking off a women’s session series at their boutique. I conducted a workshop a few months ago from one my top posts: Leading with Your Strengths and she wanted to offer a similar session for their women clientele.

This session is FREE (registration required) and is sponsored by Your Best Friend’s Closet.

In this session you will:

  • Identify your core 3-5 strengths
  • Determine when you use which strength effectively
  • Discuss how to tap into strengths you should be using and when
  • Commit to improve one thing you are doing today

Core Strength Session Details:

Date: September 12, 2012

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Location: 270 Packetts Landing, Fairport, NY

RSVP required: 585-425-7100. Limited to 40 participants.

You can down load the PDF flyer here: Core Strength Training with Lynn Dessert

Extra Bonus – Purse Exchange!

Update your wardrobe without costing you a penny! Bring a purse or handbag valued up to $50 to exchange with someone at the session.

Come join us and meet some new friends.

How Many Elephants Are You Hiding? July 27, 2012 Session

No doubt, you probably have heard out the elephant in the room. The elephant represents the issue or situation that no one wants to talk about but everyone knows it exists. The longer you remain silent, the bigger the elephant grows until…something gives…and then it gets ugly.

A good friend of mine asked if I would talk to a job seeker group down at the NYS Department of Labor/RochesterWorks! organization. The focus of our “elephant” discussion will be on job search – the frustrations, stress and pain. What’s really bothering you that you can’t talk about with your spouse, significant other or friend?

I’ll take the group through a process where you can reveal your “elephant” and we’ll brainstorm how to make your situation get better. Hopefully, your “elephant” will find another place to take up space because you’ll have a new outlook or solution to implement.

Don’t worry about confidentiality; I’ll lead the session so that you don’t have to reveal who said what…unless you want to. You might be surprised at how many people have the same elephants in their lives!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

1:00pm – 3: 00pm

NYS Department of Labor/RochesterWorks!

276 Waring Road

Rochester, NY 14609

You must register for this session and be a RochesterWorks! member. If you are not a member, it’s easy to sign up. Register online today at or call today 585-266-7760, ext. “0”. Seating is limited.

You can download the flyer here: July 2012 How Many Elephants are You Hiding.

Free Workshop: Leading with Your Strengths

On June 22, 2012, from 1-3:30pm, I will be facilitating a workshop on “Leading with Your Strengths” sponsored by OACES/RPCN Literacy Zone – Professional Development Workshops.

Who should attend? The Leading with Your Strengths workshop is for everyone. You might be in a management or leadership position, or are an aspiring leader or manager, a student, unemployed or an independent consultant. Knowing what your strengths are will help you in many situations. Come join us.

During the workshop, you will experience how to:

  1. Define your core strengths through an interactive exercise
  2. Determine when you use your core strengths
  3. Recognize if you are using adaptive strengths
  4. Know the signs of using misaligned strengths
  5. Leave with some action items to lead better with your strengths

This workshop is developed from an earlier post on Elephants at Work: Leading with your Strengths.

This workshop is by invitation and requires registration. You can register through the Rochester Professional Consultants Network website or through this link: Leading with Your Strengths Workshop. The registration code is: OACES12. The workshop will be limited to 40 people.

I’ll see you there!

Rochester Career Resources for Job Search

Finding out what to do about your career and job search process is confusing. Here are two resources to help you:

  1. Figure out what you want to do with your career
  2. Manage your professional reputation on the internet

Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal

The first career resource is Career Success in 12 Easy Steps | a Journal, a book written by Judith Shenouda that applies a series of mini-assessments and helps you figure out what you are passionate about.

Judy takes you on a journey with other career explorers who share their methodology for finding their perfect career. The book uses a journal format and you can write or scribble your notes as you work the questions in each chapter.

This is a great book if you are searching for what to do next in your life and you want to narrow down some of the options without using formal career assessments.

Social Media & Reputation Management –  A workshop with Hannah Morgan

In this workshop, you will learn what hiring professionals are finding out about you during the job screening process. Did you know that 75% of recruiters and companies are using Google to decide if you have made the first cut?

What if you find something on the internet that is not true or casts you in a bad light? Hannah Morgan of Career Sherpa will share tips and advice on how to clean up your personal online reputation. If you miss this workshop, contact Hannah directly, she’s the guru of reputation management.

Cost:                 FREE

When:              Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 10:30 am—12:30pm

Location:         Central library, Monroe County NY

Register:          585-428-8130

Easy Registration Link:

Social Media Conference: Rochester NY June 2012

Whether you have a fascination or fear of Social Media, the only way to learn more about how to use it effectively is to attend workshops or training, research it yourself or work with a coach who understands it.

Social media is an emerging field. Certainly, social media has been around for a few years, but it is evolving every day. Even the most advanced social media approaches – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Blogging, SEO – continue to offer new services or ways to use information more effectively for your business or building your personal brand.

The Rochester Professional Consultant’s Network is offering a unique one-day hands-on conference on June 14th, 2012 to help you understand the major social media approaches using your laptop as the speaker talks!

There is a range of skill levels at the workshop for advanced beginners to intermediate knowledge. It is recommended that you have a basic knowledge of the social media approach and have established accounts. The speakers will not be showing you how to step an account, rather how you can best use your account to gain more exposure, business or contacts.

You do not have to be a consultant to attend the Social Media >> Ready, Set, Go > Workshop.  This workshop is open to everyone!

Early bird registration ends on April 14th! View the program and sign up at Social Media >> Ready, Set. Go >