Free Workshop: Leading with Your Strengths

On June 22, 2012, from 1-3:30pm, I will be facilitating a workshop on “Leading with Your Strengths” sponsored by OACES/RPCN Literacy Zone – Professional Development Workshops.

Who should attend? The Leading with Your Strengths workshop is for everyone. You might be in a management or leadership position, or are an aspiring leader or manager, a student, unemployed or an independent consultant. Knowing what your strengths are will help you in many situations. Come join us.

During the workshop, you will experience how to:

  1. Define your core strengths through an interactive exercise
  2. Determine when you use your core strengths
  3. Recognize if you are using adaptive strengths
  4. Know the signs of using misaligned strengths
  5. Leave with some action items to lead better with your strengths

This workshop is developed from an earlier post on Elephants at Work: Leading with your Strengths.

This workshop is by invitation and requires registration. You can register through the Rochester Professional Consultants Network website or through this link: Leading with Your Strengths Workshop. The registration code is: OACES12. The workshop will be limited to 40 people.

I’ll see you there!

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Lynn Dessert is an ICF trained certified NLP Coach specializing in Executive Career coaching based in Charlotte NC. She works with individuals and organizations to maximize personal effectiveness skills—a cornerstone to career advancement. Lynn is the author of What To Do After Being Fired and The Secerts to Successful Job On-Boarding. Start your discovery process by contacting her at 704.512.2852 today.


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