Is Your Body Language Helping Your Executive Presence?

No matter if you are an employee, up and coming manager, sales person, or the boss, executive presence is often a critical part in being successful. The basic approach deals with dress and personal appearance. Move to a more complex evaluation, you’ll find yourself working on the more subtle techniques of body language.

Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine

For example, your body language may or may not be aligned with the message you are trying to convey to your employees, customers or boss. In Forbes Magazine, Watch Your Body Language (March 16, 2009), Richard Newman shares some tips on influencing others more effectively.

Which is better palms up or palms down when you are talking? It depends on the signal you want to send. If your palms are up, negotiations are still in full swing, if they are down, the deal is likely at the closing point. Reading the signals of the other person or giving the signals you want will help to navigate your positioning power.

Visit Richard’s body language clip, a great mini training session on how you can link up the three parts of your style to boost your presence and charisma. The three parts are your words, body language and tone of voice. While you may think it is for sales people, it applies to everyone who wants to develop their executive presence.

Author: Lynn Dessert

Lynn Dessert is a certified ICF and NLP Coach specializing in Executive Career coaching in Charlotte NC. She works with individuals to accelerate their career advancement and organizations to fast track leadership skill development. Her career eBooks What To Do After Being Fired and The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding give you a roadmap to DIY. Start your discovery process by contacting her at 704.412.2852 today.

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