If you are new to the job hunting process, you may feel overwhelmed. In Kathy Marcus’s Day 2 of advice, she shares what she did to learn new skills and approaches in her job hunting efforts. Note that some of the resources are local to Rochester NY – don’t discount them! Use her examples of what you should look for in your own community.

Day 2:  Now is the time to learn

Kathy Marcus

Think back to when you first started your last position or the position before that. Did you know everything Day 1? If not, did you fumble your way through on your own or did you ask for guidance and assistance?

We job seekers need to view our transition period as a new position. We have to learn the ropes and need to determine the best and most efficient way to do that.

Fortunately, for those of you reading this email, you’re a part of network which means you are in a group of 1500+ people who understand what you’re going through. Make some meaningful connections with them and learn how to navigate these waters. It was through this network of connections that I learned why a picture is so important for a LinkedIn profile and the importance of a target company list (among numerous other gems).

There are some great local resources we can turn to so we don’t lose time trying to figure this out on our own.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous email, RochesterWorks has terrific FREE classes and workshops (like Career Navigator) that can really give you a jump-start to your job search.  Check out the programs at the Fairport library which are also FREE.

As I mentioned in my Thanksgiving communications, we have talented authors and bloggers in this network who are experts in their field.  Their blogs are filled with helpful insight (and are free) and their books are a tremendous value.  Here are just some of them:

Career Blogs

Elephants At Work  (Lynn Dessert)

Career Sherpa  (Hannah Morgan)

Rob Ewanow’s Weblog (Rob Ewanow)

Staffing Insights  (Eric Derby)

Hell in the Hallway (Deb Mourey)

Arthur Catalanello Consulting (Arthur Catalanello)

Career Books

GETTING there: Volume 2 by Luis Martinez

What To Do After Being Fired by Lynn Dessert

Work a little bit of reading into each day, take some free classes and you’ll gain confidence and insight that only knowledge can give you!