Job Hunting Lessons: The Ugly – Making Promises You Can’t Keep

Picture1Kathy Marcus promised her job hunting group twelve days of insights which is challenging since she started her full-time contract job. However, Kathy knows there are things you should not do if you want people to trust you and in turn help you.

Of course, the last don’t is a promise that Kathy will probably still keep since I asked to her to share her insights with the Elephants at Work readers. It is a reminder that scheduling means assessing all your commitments – no matter what time of year.

Day 10 – The Ugly:  Making promises you can’t keep

  • Kathy MarcusDon’t apply for jobs for which you aren’t qualified.
  • Don’t promise connections to another networker then fail to provide the connections.
  • Don’t tell yourself that you’ve got plenty of time to look for work just because you have 6 months severance.
  • Don’t promise 12 Days of Tips for the Job Seeker during a very busy holiday season!

Two more days of tips to go and I’ve got them drafted already but I’m not promising anything!


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