It’s my first meeting to BENG – Business Executives Networking Group run by Michael Hall, president of FranNet Carolina. The group is comprised of job seekers, employed and business networkers that span all industries.

Ira Bass

Michael Hall and Ira Bass at BENG Meeting

The discussion leader for today’s session is Ira Bass from Connect to Success about tips on using LinkedIn effectively. Ira calls himself a LinkedIn Optimization Expert and no doubt he knows about LinkedIn’s under the hood secrets.

He begins by sharing how he got blindsided as a Media Director when he was let go in April 2007. In hindsight, he should have seen the writing on the wall when his boss commented that Ira made more money than he did during dinner. At 52, Ira Bass was at a crossroads. He called himself a fossil thinking no company would hire him so he decided to start his own business. He hired a coach and became a consultant.

His work as a media planner and placement advertiser married well with the basics of Marketing 101 and LinkedIn. He recommends three steps for maximum exposure on LinkedIn:

  • Know your target audience
  • Create awareness of who you are
  • Keep yourself visible (frequency)

Doing these three steps consistently will develop your social clout and then you can sell yourself, services or products. Until you develop social acceptance, your message or requests will fall on deaf ears.

One attendee asked how could you avoid being cheesy as you develop the relationship? Ira gave examples such as offering up a relevant article, sharing information on your industry with thought leaders, posing questions that start conversations. Once a conversation begins, that’s when you have a crack in the door to business or a job.

An optimized LinkedIn profile is one that hits the top 3-5 listings when someone does a search. Ira says he has the secret sauce, but leaves those specifics to his paying workshop attendees.

Luckily, Ira Bass has one coming up on Wednesday, February 24 from 9:30-11:30 being sponsored by BENG and Connect To Success – “LinkedIn or Be LeftOut”. You can resister for it here. Space is limited.