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Checking Out your Own Body Language

People make decisions on whether to like, work or be with you every day on how you present yourself to them. Your body language or non-verbal mannerisms send instant signals to anyone in your presence. Granted, what your body is saying may not be what you are thinking. So goes the story I heard from […]

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How to Effectively Use Business Email Communications

This topic of how to effectively use email communications arose in a discussion with an executive the other day. He was caught in the middle of a situation because he had not strategically used to the tools available to him in business email communications. It got me thinking that if he could be more effective, then […]

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Making an Impression at Work

Sometimes people just get it right. A friend’s son shared his story about making an impression on the CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Board of his company. He did not try to WOW them with a pre-planned encounter; he was himself – in the moment – showing his true personality and asking questions as […]

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Absolutely Abby and Lynn Dessert

Help Absolutely Abby’s 2015 Tour Be Successful

I met Absolutely Abby a couple of years ago when she came to Rochester, NY. Since then, she’s been back three times. Two months ago, I moved to Charlotte, NC and she’s already been there too. Abby is on a mission. It’s very simple. She wants to help one million (1,000,000) people get back to […]

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Strategies to Overcome Unemployment

Let’s face it – how to overcome unemployment is difficult – especially when you are in the middle of it. Confidence is low because you may have just gotten laid off or fired from your last job. While it seems brutal and personal, being let go is the process that companies use to: Right size […]

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How to Find out About Your Career Progression

You may have joined a new organization or you have been in a job for a while and you are curious about what kind of career progression your company offers you. How do you find out about it? There are a number of people in your organization that can help you answer that question and […]