One way to create good mojo during the job-hunting process is to set a positive intention every day. It is easy to let the negative parts of looking for a job affect your psyche. When you find yourself doing down that path you are more likely to feel others recoil from you and offer less help.

From personal experience, it is far easier to offer help to someone who is upbeat despite being frustrated with not seeing results from their job-hunting activities. The people who portray a negative or sour vibe fall down my list. I hesitate to give them contact or networking information because of the impression they will leave with the people they meet. The connections I want to make must be positive for both parties.

How to Set a Positive Intention

When you set a positive intention, you convey to your world (friends, colleagues, family and network) on a conscious and subconscious level what positive action you are looking to create or experience for the day.

For the last three weeks, I had the opportunity to set a positive intention and hear the positive intentions of my colleagues. Every day, I set forth a different intention about what I wanted to learn, how I wanted to stretch, what part of myself I wanted to explore or a behavior I wanted to reinforce.

Here are some examples of positive intentions:

  • Focus
  • New ideas
  • Exploration
  • Listen
  • Express my feelings
  • Accept different opinions
  • Reflection
  • Being present
  • Curiosity

The list is endless and your positive intention will be unique to what you may want to accomplish on any given day.

Make your Positive Intention Count

Here is an important step – solidify your positive intention by saying it to someone or expressing it in some other medium. When you write or say something, you release the power of your intent so don’t keep it to yourself.

You may have someone at home or a friend you can share your positive intention with each morning.  Think about sharing it with your personal or professional networks on Facebook or LinkedIn. Whatever way you choose, when you express your positive intention to the world, you set in motion a positive intent for others to respond to.

Your positive intention may inspire others to reflect how it affects them in the moment or spark them to reach out to you. People want to connect and help others with others who exude positive energy.

Try it and see how it helps your job-hunting process – you may be surprised.