It is not often that I do a bitch session on career and job search. Once in a while, it’s OK to let off steam about what frustrates you so that you can become more productive!

Here are the top 50 Job Search Frustrations I hear about every day. Job search frustrations encompass the job search process, personal feelings and communications or lack there of with companies, recruiters, colleagues and friends.

Tell me which job search frustration gives you the most angst and by all means, add your favorite if it is not included in this list!

  1. You don’t have a college degree and the position requires it
  2. The company fears you are a job hopper because you have bounced around too much
  3. You spent too much time in one company
  4. You are only a big or small company employee and the hiring company is the opposite
  5. You are overqualified
  6. You don’t have enough experience
  7. You have to pass computer or typing tests after being in the workforce for years doing that job
  8. No one calls you back even though you are at the final interview stage
  9. The company wants your salary requirements and then *poof* no communication
  10. Assessments are required, but no feedback is given
  11. Hiring manager or recruiters ignore emails and phone calls
  12. If you are not selected, no one tells you the real reason why
  13. Companies are offering lower wage rates because of high unemployment
  14. Temp agencies are being used for full-time position hiring
  15. Everyone tells you that your resume stinks but not how to fix it
  16. Keeping motivated without having positive reinforcement
  17. Receiving an automated response to job submissions
  18. Learning how to network effectively
  19. Managing your spouse or significant other’s expectations
  20. Feeling like you are worthless
  21. Questioning your career choices – are you in the right field or industry
  22. Asking for help
  23. Managing your time
  24. Realizing you may have to move to get a job
  25. Figuring out how to apply for jobs online
  26. Finding new jobs to apply for – Check out our Resources for Career Movers & Shakers!
  27. Seeing jobs not getting filled, even though you were perfect for it
  28. Job postings being cancelled by companies
  29. Unclear job descriptions – at the interview you find out the job is different!
  30. Companies want the perfect candidate
  31. Companies and recruiters waste your time
  32. Waiting for the phone call
  33. You are banking on getting the job and then don’t get it
  34. Phone interviews – especially when you make a better in-person impression
  35. Creating so many resumes you are confused
  36. When someone says, “We’ll call you” and they never do
  37. Riding the eternal emotional roller coaster
  38. Having to tell everyone you need a job
  39. People who you thought were your friends don’t return your phone calls
  40. You are too old or too young
  41. All the entry-level jobs require years of experience
  42. Realizing you don’t have a large network to tap into
  43. Your skills are out of date
  44. You are only being considered for lower level jobs
  45. You take the drug test (last step before getting hired) and no one calls you even though you know you are clean
  46. Experiencing your first behavioral or group interview
  47. Keeping track of all your job submissions and following up
  48. Job hunting more than 40 hours a week without a paycheck
  49. Trying to look confident and not desperate
  50. You are unemployed so you are not being considered for the job

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted!