This week I am attending a networking event and the organizer shared little known facts about himself with the group.

The advantage of sharing little known facts is that connecting with others becomes easier. Little known facts become great conversation starters because where there is overlap or interest, people open up and share more about themselves.

Try it with your group and see how quickly people connect and interact with very little facilitation.

Here’s the list of little known facts I shared with the group:

  1. One of my passions is ballroom dancing. I have been dancing for 11 years and help run the Rochester Ballroom meet-up group.
  2. My new hobby – photography. There is so much to learn. I’ll be leaving at 6:35 to go to a meeting – so catch me early!
  3. I am a techie gadget girl and geek.
  4. I am a WOW girl. Hint – see #3.
  5. I used to be a gypsy. I have moved 19 times (different cities/states/countries) in my life, 14 times during my corporate climbing career. I have been in Rochester for 12 years.
  6. On one business trip, I traveled around the world (full circle).
  7. I promote genetic testing – it has impacted our family positively. Eighteen months ago, my brother was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and was told to make out his will. Six weeks after his operation in September, he is cancer free and rides his bike 50 miles a day. All because of a little gene.
  8. I have been a vegetarian since 17, adding fish at 25.
  9. Beer does not agree with me.
  10. I use LinkedIn is a professional network with people that I know personally. If you want to connect, then let’s meet and get to know one another beyond a networking event.
  11. I have been responsible for world-wide Human Resources operations and integrated acquisitions in Europe and Asia.
  12. My career coaching practice is global – my furthest client – Dubai.
  13. I love to work with teams – especially leadership and sales teams. I have delivered programs world-wide as a consultant.
  14. Most of my corporate clients are outside of Rochester. I am not surprised.
  15. My brother has traced our family history back to 1674.
  16. I have never been married; have no kids except for my two dogs. Perhaps #5 has something to do with it.
  17. If I had another career, it would be doing something with the internet. I build my websites and dabble in it more than I should.
  18. I am a reality show junkie.
  19. I am a great cook.
  20. I started a Mah Jongg group and teach new players. Anyone interested?
  21. Helping people identify what’s getting in the way of them being successful and overcoming it is my passion.
  22. I offer free advice at Elephants at Work.
  23. This summer, I became an author – publishing two career management books: What to Do After Being Fired and The Secrets to Successful Job On-Boarding.
  24. I dislike politics.
  25. If you want an idea person or out of the box thinker – that’s me.

 How we can help one another –

  1. I am always on the hunt for new topics to write about with #22. If you have a career story success or an easy problem that I can write about, let’s have a conversation – perhaps I can help you.
  2. Personal introductions to people looking for executive or career coaches.
  3. Referrals into companies developing leadership, communication and team skills or investing in job on-boarding programs to address retention.

What little known fact you shared surprised you when connecting with others because it was a conversation hit?